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Community activist faces misdemeanor assault charges; man helped recall Killeen City Council

Wednesday, Dec 21, 2011 4:30 AM

A community activist whose petition brought the recall members of the Killeen City Council faces misdemeanor assault charges related to a December 2010 disagreement with his wife. "It was a misunderstanding with me and my wife, but I didn't do anything wrong," Jonathan Okray said before referring questions to his attorneys.

Jonathan Okray is known to be a bit of a nutcase and troublemaker.

Jonathan Okray runs a facebook website called KTPFRAG.

QUOTE "Dear KDH, Why have you disabled..." on Killeen Daily Herald's Wall."

Review about: Community.


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Most if not all of the self serving write ups on the internet about Jonathan Okray were written by him. He is in bed with Don or Donn Clay. A local real estate guy that is using him as an internet terrorist to scare all the Killeen Officials off from running against his people in the upcoming election in Killeen Texas.

Jonathan Okray is really a criminal in sheeps clothing.

He holds himself out as an honest Christian man going to a local church in Killeen and preaches about ethics, while simultaneously lining his pockets like the greedy little worm he is.

Whoever Jonathan Okray endorses is sure to be as much a Criminal as he is.

Do your homework on Jonathan Okray and find out the truth before casting your vote.

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